we understand the situation of every IT student and the confusion they keep in their mind while selecting IT field for their career. We are also aware of the issues current IT employees are facing because of their not useful experience which has no exposure in the future. Everybody has to stay updated in the industry as things are getting automated.

           We are a team of Industry Experts having more than 15+ years of experience; we have designed some customized UNIQUE courses which are having good exposure in coming future. We believe in providing MULTI-SKILLED employees to all associated employers who can utilize them on multiple projects.


Below is a list of features we consider are unique with us:

- We provide 2 Full days Career Counselling for Information Technology. 

- Our basic Cloud Foundation training is also designed on real time cloud scenarios. 

- We provide System Administration Level I/II training which directly opens the door of ALL IT companies, as it is something which is required everywhere. We cover Administration of Server, Operating System, Databases, Monitoring, Backup, Mail Servers, Application Servers, Active Directly Servers, Webhosting Control Panels, Web Servers, FTP Servers, Authentication Servers, Server hardening  etc. 

- We provide System Administration Level III training which is designed for experienced System administrators, here we cover advanced security hardening, server upgrades, Server / Application / Database migrations, Physical to virtual conversion, major backup tools, Server Clusters, Server Replications, Software and Hardware Storage Administrations, Installing and Configuring Monitoring tools, Database Clusters, Hardware RAID configurations, Virtualization using KVM/ OpenvZ / VMware workstation and ESXi / Hyper-V/ Docker Virtual machine, virtual switches configurations and management, Server inventory management, and most important we train to prepare the documentation like RCS, Technical Bid document, technical Proposals, RFPs, knowledge-base, resume preparation according to jobs availability etc. 

- Along with individual Cloud technology training's like Amazon AWS, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Redhat Openstack we provide the complete set of Advance cloud and Virtualization training where we cover all major cloud platforms considering Commodity, Enterprise, SMB Cloud market. Once you have all Cloud platforms with you, we think you will never face a challenge to find a new job. 

- For the developers we have DevOps which is the advance level of development where you design the APIs for major cloud or application integration. This field has huge demand along with Internet Over Things (IoT) and Full Stack Development. 

- We provide Datacenter Administration training, which is designed for candidates who are having Hardware and Network background. This training is designed to get Complete Administration of Datacenter, students will able to configure server hardware, Software and Hardware RAID, Rack mounting servers, Server types, Rack Types, Datacenter components, Server troubleshooting,  basic BMS management, Datacenter setup case studies etc. 



The expected candidates for all our courses are:

- BCS / BCA / B. Tech / BSC Computer students

- MIT / MCA / MCS / MSC Computer students

- BE Computer / IT / ENTC Students

- Experienced IT professionals

- Or any Graduate Students who are seeking to enter in IT Industry


Students can enroll from 2nd year of graduation or from 3 year of engineering so that they will be ready for jobs while completing their engineering. You can fill the gap between education and real time exposure. The maximum time we have designed for our courses is 2 months.


What else makes us unique?

  • - We are supported by Tier III Datacenter to provide real time experience.

  • - We are connecting to 100+ IT companies this year to provide them multi-skilled resources.

  • - All our courses are customized and designed according to Industry expectations.

  • - We provide 100% JOB Assistance for our students.

  • - Keeping Quality Education as a foundation we are also providing other services like Outsourcing, Recruitment and Consultancy.

  • - Our collaborations include Orchid Design School which is Tata Institutes Of Social Sciences approved study center, Apple and SAP authorized training center.

  • - We provide weekend batches for experienced professionals.

Thank you ...